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Profit from your data

Since 2008, the katchr® team has developed and delivered data solutions to UK law firms. katchr® has been developed with and for UK-based law firms and is now in use at over 50 firms.

katchr® specialises in Law Firm management information and business intelligence. That is what we do.

data driven intelligence

Message from the Founder:

The benefits of our software are proven. We make use of ‘living data’ to help law firms make accurate, informed and profitable decisions.

Previously, a finance director or accountant would spend a week or more compiling and analysing management information. Katchr allows you to do that with a click of a button and then spend that time actually interpreting and understanding what it means.

We are transforming the way law firms work and operate and it is making performance monitoring and data driven intelligence as essential as invoicing.


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