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Top Tip #13 ‐ Configuring Part Time Staff

Top Tip #13 ‐ Configuring Part Time Staff


The Katchr webparts and measures often use Total Working Hours or Target Chargeable hours for calculations and variance analysis. When these are monitored on a daily basis, it is important that the correct hours for each day of the week are used, especially where part time staff are concerned.

The Daily Time defaults to your opening business hours plus the standard target for full time staff. So if for example a fee earner only works 5hrs a day with a 4hr target and your firm is open for 7hrs with a full time fee earner set to 5hrs target for chargeable time then they will always be 2hrs short for the Total Time and 1 hr short of the target.



This will also apply to the Time Analysis by Activity webpart within the section called Missing Time. Using the above example if 7hrs is not accounted for in either chargeable or non-chargeable time the chart will show the time missing.


 To make sure that neither of the above examples happen then you can set the days, hours and daily target per part time staff member.

To set part time hours, click on the cog in the top right hand corner in Katchr and select Maintenance from the list. Please note that only those set as Administrators will see the cog.   top-tip-12-3

Select Fee Earner Maintenance from the Options and click on the Edit button on the left hand side of the fee earners name.



The example below is letting katchr know that this fee earner does not work Monday and Friday and when they are at work they do 7hrs per day and out of that you are expecting 5hrs of chargeable time.


Once the hours have been entered press Update.

Now if this fee earner shows missing time or their daily time is in red it’s because they have genuinely not recorded the amount of hours as stated and not because katchr thought they were a full time member of staff.

Please note this also works for fee earners that have left the Firm but you still need to see them in their relevant department. By placing a zero in every field katchr will then ignore the daily time targets.


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