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March 23, 2014
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June 14, 2014
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20 Firms benefit from Advanced Legal Partnership

Exen is celebrating the first anniversary of its partnership with leading legal software provider Advanced Legal (Advanced).

During the past year, 20 firms that use Advanced Legal’s practice and case management systems (PCMS) have also implemented OverVu, a version of Exen’s SmartEye management information solution tailored for Advanced Legal clients.

OverVu, which has been integrated into several of Advanced Legal’s products including ALB, Evolution, Legal Office and Legal Enterprise, aims to help firms improve their business measurement and reporting.

Graham Moore, Managing Director of Exen, said: “The partnership with Advanced Legal has enabled us to bring the benefits of the SmartEye family to a much wider selection of law firms, and in turn those firms have benefited from the tight integration between OverVu and Advanced Legal’s practice management system.”

Doug Hargrove, Managing Director of Advanced Legal said: “Our clients have quickly seen the benefits that integration between OverVu and our PCMS products provide. OverVu helps firms to visualise performance and profitability, an invaluable tool when business performance is key to the success of a law firm. I am pleased that the relationship between the two firms continues to grow and we are looking forward to the next successful year together.”