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November 4, 2020
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Launching The First Business Intelligence Tool Purely Designed For SME Law Firms

As the leading provider of Business Intelligence to UK SME law firms, we are pleased to announce the availability of our new cloud-based offering:


Katchr provides fast, easy access to KPIs and management information for law firms. Whether it’s lawyers keeping track of their targets, team leaders monitoring their people, or owners reviewing monthly performance, Katchr delivers fast.


Now the proven Katchr solution is even more accessible to smaller firms with Katchr Express. Specifically designed for firms with less than 20 lawyers, Katchr Express makes performance dashboards available from anywhere with a secure cloud-based app.


Katchr Express comes with a comprehensive out of the box dashboard set, designed specifically for smaller UK law firms. Accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any device, it can be deployed in a day, delivering value from day one.


Managing Director Graham Moore comments:

“We believe this is a great time to come to market with this offering. The feedback we have received from existing law firm customers over the last few difficult months has been overwhelmingly positive. At a time when difficult decisions have had to be made, fast and easier access to financial information has never been more important. With people working from home, on demand access to performance metrics for individuals and teams has enabled management to keep track of both activity and output”


Historically, management information and business intelligence systems have been the preserve of larger law firms. Those in the SME segment have to “make do” with pre-defined practice management system reports or manual manipulation within Excel. Worse still, many end up paying their accountants significant amounts to re-format data they already have.


Katchr Express solves these problems by providing the proven power of the Katchr Enterprise BI Suite in a package that is both affordable and accessible to firms with little or no internal finance and IT resource.


“We want to enable law firms of all sizes to use data appropriately to improve decision making and therefore improve performance. This should no longer be the preserve of larger firms with deep pockets.” adds Graham




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