The Data behind The Perfect Legal Business

Hear from Simon McCrum, author of The Perfect Legal Business, about how measuring the right things, at the right time, provides a platform for sustainable law firm growth.

Graham Moore, founder of Katchr, will be interviewing Simon to take a deep dive into his experiences, successes, mistakes and conclusions and how this has led to the publication of the already acclaimed law firm management book of the year.

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“I encourage firms to get this book for their teams. It is a compelling read and will open many lawyers’ eyes. Nothing to fear here. Everything to gain.”

Simon Tupman

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Simon McCrum

Simon qualified as a Commercial Litigation solicitor in 1990 at Pannone. His role gradually evolved into a marketing and management role. He became Head of various teams, Marketing Partner, Director of Business Development, and part of the Management Team at Pannone.

In 2007, Simon became Managing Partner at Darbys Solicitors. The firm made a trading loss in 2007 but after going a long way backwards – and during the Credit Crunch – the firm emerged to have its most successful year ever in 2010 and in 2013 it was the country’s fastest-growing law firm.

In 2016, Darbys was acquired by Knights Professional Services and Simon exited to form McCrum & Co, a management consultancy for law firms. He now works with law firms to help them to do the things he did right, and to avoid the things that he did wrong. He has pulled all of this together into a model which he calls The Perfect Legal Business. A dedicated “growth” merchant and an ardent believer in law firms being charged with changing clients’ lives for the better, Simon helps firms to move towards becoming The Perfect Legal Business, which brings profit-rich and cash-rich growth, quickly.

Simon is the author of the “Law Firms in Lockdown” series of reports, and he has just published his book, “The Perfect Legal Business”

Graham Moore

Graham Moore, the founder of Katchr, has been involved in law firm tech for over 30 years and has spent the last 10 years helping law firms to get faster and easier access to their practice management data.

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Katchr specialises in Law Firm management information and business intelligence.

Katchr BI has been developed with and for UK-based law firms and is in use at over 75 firms.

Straight out of the box Katchr BI delivers valuable information and insight that has never previously been accessible.

Fully compatible with your smart phone and tablet, Katchr dashboard visualisations and reports can be tailored to suit your firm and help you optimise every aspect of your business operations, marketing and pricing decisions.

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