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September 22, 2016
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October 13, 2016
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Top Tip #2 – Bank Holidays

Katchr knows your standard business hours but by default what it doesn’t know is when it is a Bank Holiday.

Any targets that you set for Fees Delivered, Fees Received, Chargeable Hours, etc. can be shown as pro-rata for the working days in a period. Every night when the data is updated the target can show not only what figure should have been reached last night but also the % of Target.


To set your Bank Holidays, click on the cog in the top right hand corner tt2-cogand select Maintenance from the list. Please note that only those set as Administrators will see the cog.

Select Holiday Mainteance and enter any Bank Holidays with the + button.



Click on OK to accept the date.

Please note that you may also want to use this for any additional full days where the firm may be closed, for example over the Christmas period.


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