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January 19, 2017
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March 8, 2017
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Top Tip #8 – Dictionary Maintenance

Dictionary Maintenance will enable you to set your own terminology for any webpart or measure or column title. For example, throughout Katchr the charts and KPI’s utilise the word “Fees” but you may prefer to display the text of “Costs” or “Bills” instead.

The Katchr maintenance menu is accessed from the “Cog” tt2-cog icon on the Katchr dashboard display. This icon is only available for users designated as Administrators.

Once you have opened Maintenance click on Dictionary Maintenance from the options.


To add a new dictionary item click on the + button in the bottom half of the screen.

Each item will need it’s own ID number. Then enter the System Text you wish to replace, followed by the Display Text you wish to see.

Normally you would also tick the “Replace in Chart” button. Then click on OK.

You will need to refresh katchr to see the changes.


Full list of options:


 edit-icon Edit the selected text
 add-icon Add new text
 delete-icon Delete the selected text.


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